Imagination is the mind at play.

Stories of adventure, mystery and imagination to stir the heart


In the small town of Lavender, there were many pretty girls, and even some beautiful girls, but none were as beautiful as Linden, and there were plenty of smart girls and bright girls, but none as clever as Linden. There were also hateful girls and nasty girls, but none as cruel as Linden. Linden had…

The Cherry Blossom Child

In a different time and a different place, a king and queen lived in a beautiful kingdom. They had a son, who had grown into a fine young man, but in her heart, the queen wanted a daughter of her own. So one day, when the cherry trees were blooming, she went to the palace…

The Tooth with a Mind of Its Own

Once there was a man who had a pet dragon so small that he kept it on a lead and took it for walks like a dog. As it grew and its teeth and claws grew longer and sharper, and it began to breathe clouds of smoke, the man decided that he did not want…

The Story-Teller of the Seven Kingdoms

The story-teller of the seven secluded kingdoms wasn’t always a story-teller. When she was born, her mother, the queen, wanted to call her Fabula, so perhaps she knew something even then. But her father was afraid that his mother, Ethel, who after all these years still held the purse-strings, and held them very tightly, wouldn’t…

The Hare’s Fur Bowl

Rustum’s grandmother had a beautiful bowl, which she used to drink tea whenever her sisters and cousins came to visit. It fit exactly between her cupped hands and kept the tea perfectly warm. It was dark brown, glossy and golden where the sun touched it, and it was covered with row after row of fine,…

Sandro and the Invisible Fingers

A merchant and his servant were travelling in a distant land when they came upon the most amazing sight, a tree covered in glistening jewels, emeralds, diamonds, topazes, deep red rubies and shining blue sapphires. The merchant got down from his donkey and gazed at the tree, astonished. He ordered his servant, Sandro, to gather…


Discover stories from other times and other worlds, never told before. Follow paths in your imagination that you have never trodden before. Explore new worlds, where ordinary people become heroes, and heroes are ordinary people.

From those to whom much has been given, much will be asked; and from the one who has been entrusted with more, even more will be demanded.

Lk 12:48

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