Imagination is the mind at play.

Stories of adventure, mystery and imagination to stir the heart

The Tale of the Cat

A cat once had a litter of kittens, and the prettiest of all was named Zirka. She was as black as night all over except for a single splash of white on her tail, like a star. Perhaps it was for this reason that she was enchanted by the night sky. When other cats were…

The Diamond Handkerchief

Once there was a weaver who was known far and wide for his excellent weaving. One day, at the end of a long day’s weaving, he put a new warp on his loom of the very finest linen thread, and wove a handkerchief in a beautiful diamond pattern. It was so soft and light that…

The Old Soldier

Once there was a soldier in the king’s army, who lost his taste for fighting, He put down his weapons and would not fight any more, so he was dismissed with a week’s pay and the clothes he stood up in. He walked away, and kept walking until he was too tired to walk any…

The Wild Dog from the West

In the last years of Dharab, the greatest dragon-slayer ever known, his daughter Shanama hunted with him, and she learned from him many of the skills that made him great. She learned how to kill her dragon cleanly and humanely, how to protect herself from the fire that the dragon throws from its mouth, and…

The Wooden Doctor

In a village in a valley not too far away from here lived a doctor, called Dr Averil. He was a good doctor who looked after his patients well. If his patients could pay, well and good, but if they were very poor, he didn’t ask them to pay at all. As time went on,…

The Paper Sword

In the third kingdom there was a village where nearly everyone was peaceful and contented. The soil was rich, the crops were abundant and a clear river flowed wide and deep along the edge of the village. Alongside the river, at the outer edge of the town, Nemmy lived with her grandmother. Their land was…

Alice and Lucy

Alice and Lucy were two little dolls in a very grand dolls-house. It was so grand that in the bedrooms upstairs the beds had silk covers and matching curtains and tapestry rugs on the floor, and wardrobes with opening doors, and a nursery with a baby doll in a cradle. There was a library full…

The Lasso of Hair

Once there was a very rich king, who had everything his heart could desire. He had a silver nutmeg tree, a beautiful daughter called Princess Carmen, a magic flying carpet, and the handsomest unicorn anyone had ever seen. But one day the unicorn, who was known across the whole of the kingdom as Runcible the…

Rustum and the King

The village where Rustum lived was poor, and getting poorer. Rustum’s grandmother made enough money by spinning and weaving for them both to eat twice a day, but many in the village were not so lucky. For two years there had been little rain, and the river was choked with weeds. The crops were beginning…

The Invisible Chair

Once, a long time ago, in a town something like yours, there was an old lady, a sorcerer, and a boy named Bop. The old lady was getting on in years and she found it difficult to stand for a long time, waiting for the bus or at the supermarket, so she made herself an…


Discover stories from other times and other worlds, never told before. Follow paths in your imagination that you have never trodden before. Explore new worlds, where ordinary people become heroes, and heroes are ordinary people.

From those to whom much has been given, much will be asked; and from the one who has been entrusted with more, even more will be demanded.

Lk 12:48

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